The True Revilers: Land Speeder

A side view of the first Land Speeder of The True Revilers. Kit bashed from Blood Angel kits, IG kits, Chaos kits and of course Land Speeder.
The other side. Typhoon Missile Launcher is magnetized so I can run a vanilla Land Speeder if need be. The hull damage is more extensive on this side.
A rear view showing the engines.
The Multi Melta is from some other vehicle kit and is magnetized. Some other weapon options include Heavy Bolter, Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamers.
A shot of some of the detailing in the cockpit. The gunner’s weapon station is from a Chimera set if I remember correctly. Works nicely here. Apologies for the slightly out of place launcher: the weapons are magnetized and I neglected to rotate the launcher to a correctly aligned position. Then again The True Revilers are not that fussy about angles anyway…
The modified engines are too loud to have a normal conversation. For increased energy usage the thing can sprint in near silence for a few moments.
A shot of the Land Speeder with two Vanguard Veterans in front.

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