Papa Nurgle’s Land

Papa Nurgle is happy! The meat mountains are of course separate pieces. A nifty addition would be to devise rules for their slow movement.
This special warp portal terrain piece was created for the one Battle Missions scenario in which Daemons can deploy from a warp portal. Well it was used twice and then came along the 6th edition and it’s scenarios. Serves as difficult terrain now. I made the middle section 12 years ago, but the original terrain piece it was made for is now demolished and I reused the piece on this as it fitted perfectly.
A shot of the slime river. I didn’t want to make it too lumpy so as it can still remain playable. The foam edges have been meticulously melted with a strong solvent. The fumes were probably quite toxic, but the end result is nifty.
A top view of the game board. This game board features around half of the total finished terrain pieces made for this board. I still got an unpainted selection of meat-mountains…

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