The True Revilers: Tactical Squad




The True Revilers are a splinter group of the Revilers which is a successor chapter of a second founding chapter Raven Guard. I’m planning to play this chapter as Raven Guard. The True Revilers have been apart from their founding chapter hundreds of years and have been influenced by the powers of Chaos. Once the chapter was to be united with the founding chapter, they were rejected as their ways were no longer acceptable by the Revilers. Since then they have adopted the use of the name “The True Revilers” as they believe that the Revilers themselves are the ones that have changed and thus should not go by that name anymore.

The influence of Chaos is visually apparent, but their ranks do not include demonic beasts, questionable princes or lords of chaos. It is unknown what Chaos God has extended their influence to this chapter, but witness testimonies often cite the Khorne’s iconography has been sighted adorned on them.

All the miniatures of this tactical squad have magnetized weapon arms (including the bolt gun hands) and magnetized back packs. This eases transportation and most importantly allow weapon exchanges and visual changes. Also I can use the same torsos I I want to use Vanguard Veterans with jump packs or even to use Assault Marines (which at the moment I really don’t).

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