Ilyana, ex-corporate runner



A character illustration for the Shadowrun role-playing game setting.


Ilyana used to be in a fast response tactical team of the Aizu-Shoto corporation. Her services were no longer needed after an abysmal failure killed half of the team in a routine muscle job. Ilyana was not responsible for the botched mission, but the whole team was fired nevertheless. Understandably Ilyana harbors a grudge against her old employer and refuses any runs associated somehow with Aizu-Shoto – unless Aizu-Shoto happens to be the target of the run.

A tough and disciplined woman, Ilyana lacks the ability of appropriate emotional responses and fails in most social situations although her looks deceive that and forgives her many too much. She is notoriously it and exercises twice a day – even when doing runs. She can outrun most males and rumors say her leg muscles are enhanced and this allows her to reach and maintain inhuman running speeds.

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