Elise Peabody, a Historian


As wife to Mr. E. Lapham Peabody, who is the curator of Arkham Historical Society, Elise has access to most of the arcane collections of the society. She and Lapham have been married since before Lapham became the curator over 30 years ago and at the time she was simply just another uneducated housewife. But gradually her interest to historical matters grew and she devoted more and more time to studying the history of New England and Arkham in particular. Now she is an invaluable source of common folklore of New England and she has published a number of interesting and ground-breaking studies on many historical aspects of the county.

A gentle and thoughtful old lady, Elise prefers to maintain a low profile behind her husband Lapham. But Lapham appreciates his wife’s vast knowledge and it is quite common for Lapham to acknowledge Elise’s superiority in more mundane subjects such as the history of women in Arkham, history of the educational system in New England and even the origins of children’s tales and sayings.


Creative Commons License
Elise Peabody, a Historian by Kimmo Mäkinen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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