Fanatic of Apocalypsis



An illustration of a Fanatic of Apocalypsis cult member for a steampunk role-playing game setting.

Many members of the Apocalypsis cult are also flagellants. They punish their own bodies with insane vigor using whatever means happens to be available when they decide it’s time to get closer to enlightenment. The more extreme members mutilate their bodies up to an including infecting themselves with various diseases and even performing amputations! Needless to say this extremism comes at a high price and many who start at this road die rather soon. However, they are also one of the most dangerous cultists since they are carriers of many nasty diseases and they take pride in causing illness on others regardless of what amount of misery they bring on their victims. Many are also intoxicated by mind-altering substances and so their behavior is rather hard to anticipate and their stamina is unexpectedly high in conflict situations.


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