Hal B’gohd, Master Merchant



Name: Hal B’gohd
Race: human

Calishem is THE most important trade nation in Cresia. Trade routes – both land and sea routes – go from Calishem to all over the continent and booming trade during a time of peace has brought wealth and culture to Calishem beyond anything seen in the history of the continent. Hal B’gohd is one of dozens of the so called “Merchant Princes” – practically mercantile companies which are run by administrative personnel, controlled by boards of directors and day-to-day -operations carried out by employees. B’Gohd leads his own trade house which he has founded, grown and nurtured from scratch and which currently owns six merchant ships and two dozen caravan convoys and employing nearly 200 people.

Hal has left administrative duties to a few loyal and trusted directors and rather spends his time on the field doing what he is best at: organizing, trading and dealing. He has an uncanny ability to turn even seemingly unprofitable scenarios to profitable ones and he also has the sense to turn down bad deals which would eventually turn sour. His profession has taken him to all edges of the continent and he speaks all the major trade dialects used anywhere. Deals are just so much easier to make when a common language is found.

One of Hal’s principles is that he never cheats. Plenty of opportunities to make quick fortunes has certainly been opened up to him, but his long-term business plan is to never cheat anyone because they may have dealings again in the future. It doesn’t mean he can’t drive a hard bargain – because he can and frequently does so. But his business partners are never forced or arm-twisted to deals which could potentially lead to vengeful enemies.

Hal is a person full of positive attitude and sometimes even unwarranted optimism, he never falls victim to wallowing in self-pity or gloomy mood swings. Usually with a smile on his face he is an outgoing and easily approachable person whose ability in storytelling is seconded only by his capabilities as a merchant.

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