Robert Crawford


An illustration for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game setting. Meant as a character for the 1920’s era.

Robert Crawford is a restaurant owner in Arkham – in a long line of restaurant owners. He is the current owner of the Crawford’s Restaurant, situated at the corner of Garrison and Armitage. The place has been there since the Civil War and ownership of the establishment has been firmly in family ever since the 17th century. The place is by far the most expensive place to get one’s belly full, but the food is exceptionally good – albeit the menu is archaic by modern standards and in dire need of modernization. Nothing much has changed in the restaurant in 200 years.

Robert Crawford is one of the richest men in town and although his restaurant is gathering patrons, it’s really no longer a very good source of income. But the family fortunes are vast and includes shares of many companies in Arkham, gold and property. His demeanor is that of a spoiled brat whose upbringing has been supportive of his family’s view of their own supremacy over the common folk. But his presence is striking and captivating and his manners are impeccable. On occasion his restaurant is used to throw parties in which alcoholic beverages are flowing freely – in spite of the ongoing Prohibition. There is little risk for the Crawford’s due to the family’s influence on city affairs. Robert is rather handsome in a rugged way and he is surprisingly eloquent, educated and gives out an aura of importance. He is flirtatious and openly suggestive even though he is happily married to Susan Crawford. In reality he is devoted to his wife and the flirtatious side to him is merely a facade.

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Robert Crawford by Kimmo Mäkinen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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