Benjamin, Cleric of Aldamar

: Benjamin (of Jodhe)
Race: human
Location: Southern Akron, Northern Calishem, Ferria

As a traveling cleric of Aldamar (the wise and benevolent deity of righteousness, common sense and justice), Benjamin is always on the move; rarely staying more than a week in one spot unless particularly needed. He owns nothing but the items he can carry and he eats and drinks what people of kind hearts offer him. A true believer in the ways of the Aldamar, Benjamin has devoted his entire life to offer help on any issues in which anyone is perceived to be wronged. Most clerics of Aldamar don’t have any real authority, but their opinions and help is often obeyed by the commoners and sometimes even the nobility of the land. He follows no plan to his travels, but doesn’t venture outside the comfort zone of where Aldamar is most respected and revered as a deity.

Benjamin is a thoughtful man, careful in the use of his voice and humble in his demeanor. He has literally hundreds of men, women and children owing him their gratitude and thus he has gathered a solid reputation as a man of honor and dignity. His wisdom is a combination of experience, emotionally detached logic and applied common sense that are all based on the knowledge of the law of the lands and their lords. A common conflict too frequently on his hands, is when the land lords do act in ways that the common folk don’t feel is right or fair. Usually the cleric can only relay the message of the disgruntled commoners to whomever it is who is doing the wronging, but other times he himself explains the commoners the wisdom behind the decisions of their superiors since the common man rarely is able to see the big picture beyond his own homestead. Violence is not a tool commonly employed by Aldamar’s clerics, but not at all forbidden or frowned upon by the deity himself if nothing else would bring justice.

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