Count Roberto Romano




Name: Count Roberto Romano
Race: human
Location: Wywold, Akron

A stern and iron-handed ruler, Count Romano is actually from Ferria making him the the only foreign-born count in Akron. The county is named Wywold and the seat of power is located in the city of Wywold which is the only population center of note in the entire county. While a small county, count Romano is still to be taken seriously as he is as ruthless as he is cunning. Also, he has a number of powerful allies in Ferria and through some of them Roberto has been able to import superior blades, shields and armor with which his personal troops have been armed. It’s unclear how the high-end weapons have been paid since due to their price Ferrian weapons are usually only available to wealthy nobles and merchants.

While Wywold is not that important due to it’s small size and low population, it’s hundreds of small fishing villages are a major source of food for the entire kingdom.  Dried and smoked fish from Wywold is exported to all around the kingdom – and to neighboring countries even – and is both a nutritious and abundant food, it’s also considered a delicacy. Many fishing villages are proud of their techniques in preparing the fish and many villages have their own unique signature methods. Like the mildly sweet cold-smoked sole fishes of the Heienwold village that are considered a pricey delicacy both in Calishem and Ferria alike.

Married to: Lady Melia Sur-Romano

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