Name: Chemis
Race: human
Location: Callistra, Calishem

Chemis is an Elementalist Dancer. Her kind is known in Calishem as heyabs. Heyabs live in small groups of women in barren desert caves and lush oases alike. The groups are focused on magical elementalism achieved through meditation, mind-altering substances and trance-inducing music and dance. Travelers in Calishem deserts are frequently warned to stay away from heyabs and approach oases controlled by them only if they would perish in the deserts otherwise.

A small group of reclusive heyabs  are situated some dozen miles or so north of the lush and busy port city of Callistra. Chemis is their leader and the group’s size varies between 6 and 10 (many heyabs change groups regularly to enhance bonding between groups and also to widen their personal magical skill set). Chemis’ group is focused on dancing, traditional drumming and herbalism – they grow their own psychoactive herbs. On occasion Chemis pops up in Callistra to sell excess herbs and to take orders on growing certain herbs. In Callistra, many of the herbs Chemis grows and sells are frowned upon due to their violent and potent reaction, but so far they remain legal.

Chemis isn’t easy to get hold on – her group changes locations frequently oscillating between a dozen small oases and a few caves bordering the River Calliston.

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