Mayhill, Capital city of Akron



Mayhill is the capitol city of the Kingdom of Akron. Mayhill houses the king’s seat and is one of the most active trading cities in the kingdom. The city’s population is somewhere in the region of 7500 which makes it one of the biggest population centers in the kingdom. Mayhill is best known for it’s bi-monthly markets that briefly double the city’s population as merchants from all around gather together to buy and sell goods. The harbor of Mayhill is also big being able to accommodate a dozen ships at any given time. The riverhead allows ships much needed safety and the relative peace of the Bay of Akron makes even long stays possible. Mayhill has a standing military of 800 men most of whom are based on the old castle east of the city center. The military men are directly under the king’s control and can be deployed in hours. The men are also responsible for the city’s safety and heavily patrol the city at nighttime making the city rather peaceful and safe for commoners. The patrolling military men have the permission to use deadly force and in fact are rather quick to draw their swords when facing disorderly conduct.

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