Merenes Anfala, illusionist


2009-03-08 elven sorceress

Name: Merenes Anfala
Race: elf
Location: Jaston, Witchlight Strand, Akron

Merenes is the daughter of Aelwyl, Lúthien Anfala‘s sister who is the current queen of the independent city state of Jaston. Aelwyl has adopted a life of silence and solitude as a devout follower of the god Hurdaan and Merenes chose to not pursue her mother’s path. Instead she stayed with Lúthien whom she considers her “second mother“. Merenes has been part of Lúthien administration since the beginning.

She suffers from a rather severe case of musophobia (fear of mice) that extends to uncontrollable fear of all sorts of rodents and goes even out of the Rodentia order to Lagomorphas such as rabbits and hares. She has tried to remedy her mental instability through various means up to and including exorcisms of bad spirits, but no treatment yet has alleviated her condition. Her condition is well known among the elite of the town and she has also been the target of several pranks that have had rabbits as the “punchline”. Much to her dismay her position as a close relative to Lúthien has not put her into a good enough standing to render her immune to such petty pranks that exploit her weakness for cheap laughs.

Merenes is a master thaumaturge and her capabilities as an illusionist are not matched by anyone in the Witchlight Strand. Excepting perhaps a few elder elven mages in the Liaglades forest way up north. Even then she masters a wide degree of thaumaturgical talents. She also uses many of her talents on a regular basis in dealing with both the town issues and her personal life. Jaston has no laws that expressly forbid thaumaturgical magic.

The Game of the Kings” (chess) is Merenes’ most beloved past-time activity and she is currently the champion of the game in Witchlight Strand. The previous championship was held two years ago in Port Magalie and Merenes won the previous champion High Counselor Colm Theron of Port Magalie. The Game of the Kings is highly respected in the whole Witchlight Strand, but it enjoys a special standing of prestige in Jaston. Even to the point that in Jaston alone three different and rivaling gaming clubs have been founded just for the advancement, teaching and promotion of the game. Merenes is an honorary member in each of the clubs.

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