Larissa, Witch Queen of Nica



Name: Larissa
Race: Human
Location: Castle Aventyl, Nica

Larissa has been ruling Nica for two decades. She has mostly delegated the day-to-day matters of ruling to a coven of auxiliary bureaucrats named The Larissa’s Stone. The bureaucrats’ work is interrupted only on special occasions when Larissa wants something done regarding Nica. Larissa comes from a long line of witches and warlocks and her lineage can be traced all the way to the legendary Nica The Warlock who established the country after a decade-long war against the now extinct Theocracy of Phylar that on it’s peak about 120 years prior controlled the whole of Nica and Zarnova and some coastal areas of northern Groam.

Larissa’s rule has been relatively peaceful and the people of Nica have steadily been getting healthier and wealthier during her reign. But her enemies – on the other hand – have seen themselves through some pretty harsh years. The Witch Queen has enemies all around the country and abroad – people who or whose family members have been at odds against Larissa’s rule even years ago. Larissa has created notoriety in intimidating her opposition by automatically extending punishment to the relatives of any “wrong-doers”. This policy is extremely cruel but at the same time it’s quite successful in rooting out behaviour Larissa does not want to see in her country.

The Witch Queen’s lair is at Castle Aventyl where she spends most of her time. She has devoted most of her time to black arts of witchcraft and has a coven of two dozen witches and warlocks that she tutors and a large network of “friends” in other countries – many of whom run all sorts of strange cults, covens or other shady operations. She keeps in touch with her country by holding weekly meetings with The Larissa’s Stone and mostly just listens in and allows the council to decide on earthly matters. However, from time to time she takes an interest on some issues and may offer her “opinion” (meaning that what she says is first applauded and then passed without voting or further discussion). She has no actual strict direction she wants her country to go towards and consider the whole “ruling a country” -thing a bit boring and mundane. Sometimes the council makes decisions that counter previous decisions and leave commoners thinking “why did they rule that way last year and this way this year?”. Is Nica a country adrift or has Larissa some sort of hidden agenda she follows making it only appear she has no interest in earthly things?



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