Cyrus Dove, a gun for hire



An illustration for Shadowrun role-playing game setting.


Mr. Dove is a no-nonsense mercenary working for the highest bidder. His attitude is that of rugged ruthlessness and stone cold determination. On more than one occasion he has been referred by the nickname “Tank”  – not because he is particularly big, but because he just keeps coming and coming. He has a massive white dove tattooed on his back, but otherwise he tries to keep a low profile and low key outlook preferring pragmatism over showmanship. Deadly accurate with handguns and lethal in melee. However, he lacks business sense, barely knows  how to behave in a relaxed and nonthreatening company and has absolutely no grasp of humor. Cyrus is not the man to hire if one needs a private investigator doing stake-outs and quiet information gathering, but if one wants to just bust in with guns blazing, remember to give him a call!

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