Rhonda Ferguson




A character illustration for a steampunk or cthulhupunk role-playing game setting.



Rhonda is one of the many young women that has embraced with open arms the rapid changes in society. She is a modern dweller who considers herself to be as good or better as any man can be. She isn’t necessarily wrong either. Rhonda is working as a field assistant and operative for the famous private investigator Bertrand Bellucci. Rhonda is no spy though – she specializes in cases where she can use her attractive looks and charisma to gain advantage. She is a woman of action and activity and she bores easily. While bored, her attention quickly shifts to matters not relevant to the job at hand and this characteristic of her has totally spoiled several important stake-outs she were assigned.

Her parents died in an aero ship accident in 1829 in Paris, France and since then she has had an uncontrollable fear of air travel. This condition of hers prevents her from taking assignments that would take her onboard aero ships. She is well aware of her condition and has also sought out help from noted professionals of the field of psychology. None have yet been able to help her, although she actually didn’t even complete her treatment sessions with Dr. Herman Kensington, who tried aggressive experimental hydro-hypnotherapy on her. Because of her job description she knows many important figures – such as Baron Corentin Dumont and Professor Albert N. Marsh – both of whom have hired the services of Bertrand Bellucci to investigate (read: dig dirt!) their political adversaries. As well as important political figures, she knows a number of lowlife thieves, smugglers and robbers who shape the core of the city’s underworld. Some of the criminals she knows by association only and some have actually been clients at some time or another.


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