Marcus Coleman


A character illustration for steampunk or cthulhupunk role-playing game setting.


An expert marksman, Marcus also has a quite visible mechanical enhancement attached to his left eye socket. The item is a neurally connected stimulus enhancer and provides him superb targeting abilities. Marcus’ rifle is custom build by the world-famous Dallas-based weapon smith and mechanical engineer Barnabas Kerrington from whom the eye-implant is also acquired.  A friend of Lucian Q. Warwick who specializes in hunting down mutants and other shady creatures. The Mexicans demand a number of persons to be handed over to the Mexican officials as part of the hairy political negotiations between Texas and Mexico and due to Marcus’ past years of violence fighting against Mexicans, he is one of those persons. Marcus was tipped off by a friend that he would be quietly surrendered to the Mexicans and would face certain death in the hands of the federales and now lives in constant fear of being kidnapped by his own government. An official warrant does not exist and he is not indicted by any official organization, but even so Marcus sees it a wise move to keep his nose under the radar at all times.

He met Warwick again in New York and currently works with him in several “interesting” cases involving creatures and technologies not exactly commonplace. Although the work is fascinating, it is also extremely dangerous and hard – right down the alley of what Marcus prefers.

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