Henry DaVinci


Character illustration for a steampunk or cthulhupunk setting.

Henry DaVinci is a famous gambler, dilettante and a nationally known sharpshooter. He is an 18th century equivalent of a celebrity person. He is fluent in the languages of Latin, English, French and Italy and masters Spanish with some difficulty.

Henry is flamboyant and self-sure to the point of being somewhat obnoxious. However, he regularly puts the money where his mouth is and only rarely does not succeed in whatever he sets his mind on. A good friend of Baron Corentin Dumont, Henry DaVinci also knows most of the city’s elite and many famous noblemen from all over the world – most of whom are rich and famous dilettantes like him. Henry lost his father some years ago to an assassin’s knife and the murder still remains officially unresolved. His father – a famous linquist and scholar – was involved in the occult research funded by Miskatonic University. Much of his research materials and notes were destroyed in the hands of the assassin, but what remained still offered Henry a dangerous gateway to hidden cults, shunned knowledge and whispered secrets. His secret mission now is to find and kill his father’s assassin and whoever employed the said person and this mission has led him to live a dangerous double life. He spends half of his time drinking, gambling and living the “good life” and the other half sees him seeking out new contacts, researching and gathering evidence.

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