Wastelands creature


There are many strange and dangerous creatures and mutants living in The Wastelands. Most of them are variations of species that previously inhabited the area and some are hybrid creatures whose building blocks are inherited from several sources. The first truly bizarre sentient creatures were reported in the 1820′s and by the 1830′s it was blatantly evident that many of the creatures had intelligence and even scarier – purpose.

The sentient ones – or at least the ones that resemble humanoids in some parts – are now called simply mutants. Hundreds of these creatures have been studied in detail and some are even kept in zoos as curios to attract more customers. There are no valid classifications for the mutants. There exists no formal genealogy for them. It is not known how they breed, are they mutating all the time or even if they have societal hierarchies like all the other mammals have. Or even if they all are – indeed – mammals at all.

What is certain, is, that the more recently encountered mutants are faster, bigger, smarter, stronger and in some cases even meaner than the earlier specimens. Quite many of the hybrids that retain some form of hominid semblance are also exhibiting signs of intention, racial memory, cognitive capabilities no less than your average human and crude language abilities. By human standards many mutants are totally insane and the creatures that wreak havoc in the border settlements – and wherever humans have encountered them – certainly appear to behave quite irrationally even within the parameters of “mammal animals”.

Some creatures apparently retain (or have gained?) human sensibilities like wearing clothes and using items found or looted from dead adversaries. Some mutants are just mutated humans, others are hybrid species and yet others have only distant semblance to hominids. The variance of the creatures is both alarming and astonishing and is met with growing fear in areas where the The Wastelands gradually roll into habitable lands. Many border settlements have now begun to implement wall-building and moat-building projects and early warning systems to keep the creatures at bay.

Since by human standards the mutants are seen as vile, obnoxious and abhorrent menaces, the general attitude towards them is less curious and more fearful and violent. Most Catholic organisations have proclaimed the mutants as works of the Devil or punishment from the God. Whichever suits the current atmosphere. The existence of these mutant creatures is solely a North American phenomenon and all generally accepted theories of them revolve around the catastrophe of 1799 as the initiating force responsible.

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