Cult of the Yellow Sign

Most followers of the Outer God Hastur have joined different cult organisations. The biggest of these cults is the Cult of the Yellow Sign. Members are mostly unstable in their mental faculties – a condition continually worsened by the ongoing influence of the cult. Cult members are not particularly powerful in the social hierarchy and they mostly have only meager resources at their disposal. However, the cult operates in a strictly coherent and systematic fashion that usually makes their operations frightening successes.

A typical Yellow Sign member has been initiated during secret and arduous rituals that probably have driven the initiate to a state of permanent insanity – a step closer to the Outer God they worship. Only the initiated members are allowed to wear the yellow robe although they can still adorn themselves with the cult logo or other symbolic markings associated with their particular sect. The cultists normally abandon their former lives after joining the ranks of the cult. They are  usually silent and enigmatic and their goals and behavior can not be easily determined wherever they are encountered. The cult is not particularly strong in numbers, but their coordinated actions makes them look much more stronger.

The cult as a whole is rumored to have a great and mysterious Plan, that guides their operations. Outside of the cult, the cults motives are subject to speculation only and various analyses by noteworthy scholars seem to conflict each other or are at best inconclusive as to the goals of the cult. The means to these goals are almost always the same: blackmail, bribery, murder, violence and other sinister activity. One particular activity is largely used by the cult: subjecting their target target to mind-altering drugs that cause horrific psychological effects – panic, paranoia, catatonia, hallucinations or any combination of the four. Some of the cult’s targets never recover but are instead so thoroughly mangled that they end up spending their remaining years in mental institutions or in the sad shadows under the bridges.

Some cultists have acquired technological gadgets and augmentations that enhance them in some ways. The process by which these gadgets are implanted is dangerous and painful, but some of the most insane among Hastur’s following find that this is a way for them to get closer to their deity.
Yellow Sign Cultist. This cultist is a typical member of the cult. He wears a traditional yellow robe instantly marking him as a member to the dreaded cult. And to boost the effect, this member has a big logo of the cult embroidered on the chest of the robe. Members such as this depicted in this illustrations are normally found in groups of few.

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