Apocalypsis is the name of a vast growing global movement that sees the recent changes in technology and society in general as doomsday events. According to Apocalypsis members the world is about to end in the immediate near future and that humans – as biological beings that are driven by a biological imperative to procreate – cannot grasp the concept and remain sane.

Apocalypsis is not lead by any singular entity (or so it appears). It has no hierarchy, no priests, no rituals to follow, no budget, no official manifestation nor any kind of coherent or understandable structure. The members of Apocalypsis are individuals who firmly believe that the world is at the brink of it’s final demise.

A common member is a person who has succumbed to mental instability instigated by something that doesn’t fit well with the human psyche. Some claim they can make journeys to far away places when they sleep and even bring back extraordinary items from their journeys. Many have been mentally ill since childhood and as adults have found their true calling in Apocalypsis.

The movement has no headquarters nor spokesman. There’s no entry fee, no membership fees, no regular meetings. The people who claim to be members only say “I’m with Apocalypsis”. The movement has grown at an alarming rate all over the world and it has no apparent cause other than preaching the end of the world, searching for clues that point towards the actual date of the world’s destruction or the reasons behind it. While waiting they are committing unspeakably heinous deeds of violence or self-mutilation or any combination thereof.

Members hold spontaneous meetings of insane ramblings that usually turn into sexual orgies, wanton violence or in same cases … both. The exact mechanism how the meetings are held is not known, but apparently a few lunatics in an area is enough if they happen to meet and somehow others are drawn to them. The biggest meetings so far have constituted of around 500 insane lunatics rambling on about the end of the world!

Most of the members are collectively known as Fanatics or Fanatic of Apocalypsis.

Fanatic of Apocalypsis. Many of the fanatics cause havoc by a seemingly random pattern. Setting places on fire is a favorite pastime to this cultist.
Fanatic of Apocalypsis. This one is dedicated to relieving his inner turmoil by acts of violence and self-inflicted pain.

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