Randolph T. Morasse, Troubled Artist




A character illustration for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game setting. Stylistically this illustration fits better for modern gaming settings instead of the classic 1920’s era. Illustration is originally from 2006, but I made some changes to it in 2013.

Randolph has had mental difficulties since his early teens when he accidentally saw his father succumb to madness and hang himself after a particularly harrowing trip to the Dreamlands. Randolph only later learned about his father’s deep secrets through journals he kept. The journals (unfortunately) contained enough detailed information to get Randolph started on his father’s footsteps and at the age of 17 he made his first voyage to the Dreamlands -against his mother’s wishes and hopes. He loved the place! But the nightmares began after his fifth trip which ended abruptly and left him a mindlessly shaking vegetable for three days (he spent those days and a further week in a local mental asylum) after which he slowly recovered. The nightmares started to build up and Randolph found out at the age of 22 that he felt better if he would let his nightmares out through painting.

Now at the age of 32 Randolph is incapable of actual work and he lives with his ageing and ill mother who does her best to feed and cloth him. But he makes an infrequent income through his paintings which are often purchased by eccentric collectors of the macabre, students of occult and such. The paintings are sometimes incomprehensible and sometimes a collection of thematically linked nightmare visions. The artsy types may even hang some of his paintings on galleries and living room walls while praising their different contemporary looks, but those people are certainly blissfully oblivious to the origins of the subject matter.


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