Ratman of Southern Caheb


The ratmen of Southern Caheb are not – contrary to popular belief – just simple minded beasts. They do possess a lot of the attributes their former form used to possess such as learned skills and physical and mental attributes. A good tracker turned to ratman is a ratman with an above average skill in tracking. So it follows that in packs of ratmen the individual shapechangers automatically assume tasks in which they can use their skills most. There are also known cases of ratmen packs that are composed of only ratmen that excel in a particular task. That’s why there exists hunter packs and warrior packs. Some of these are formed ad hoc to meet some special circumstance and some are predominantly stable groups. All this indicates in certainty that individual ratmen and packs of them are able to share information between them and react to this information. If a large beast is threatening the land, ratmen packs might collectively form a warrior pack composed of the best combatants of each group and send that pack to finish off the beast. Although this is pure conjecture, it’s possible that a – yet to be determined – sixth sense or instinct or some such force controls the packs to co-operate.

Most ratmen have superior hearing and olfactory organs compared to humans. Although their perception is much narrower and specific. For example their brains are not really interested if a carcass has passed it’s “best before” date and as such ratmen do not find eating rotten carcasses as dangerous or repulsive. In the same vein they can smell certain natural scents from a distance far greater than any human could – be it blood, urine, smoke even sweat. When their superior senses are combined with adept skills inherited from their former selves, some ratmen are exceptionally superior trackers and hunters. To the extent that they find humans easy prey as well. Not a common incident since local human communities know how to deal with ratmen but an incident nevertheless. Something to be taken into account when moving through areas that are infested with ratmen packs.

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