Marek Marticek, Savvy Negotiator

2007-11-19 dudah

A character illustration for the Shadowrun role-playing game system.


Marek Marticek negotiates deals, offers advice on contractual details, acts as a united frontsman and  manages financial affairs. A valuable companion or contact to any group, Marek is also an ideal player character. He manages just fine in hand-to-hand combat although he most certainly shows his value doing damage control after missions or getting the mission for the group in the first place! Street savvy, somewhat hedonistic and egoistic, highly intelligent and merciless shark in social situations. Marek has the oratory skills matching corporate PR directors trying to white wash that one defective product that caused injury and dismemberment to unsuspecting users or shrewd corrupt politicians wiggling their way out of a embarrassing interview. Combined with a lightning fast mathematical thinking (in fact augmented by mathematics chip), Marek more often than not makes oh-so-sweet deals talking clients into paying all sorts of side costs and unrelated expenditures.

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