Frank Livingstone


A character illustration for Shadowrun role-playing game system.

Frank is a fixer of things. A combined electrician and mechanic. Electro-mechanical devices usually have to yield to Frank should they have the indecency to be out of order or suffering from glitches. He is thorough to the extreme and while he may use duct-tape and chewing gum to fix things, at least they work. For a while – usually long enough.

He has a cybernetic right arm that gives him an advantage in repairing stuff because his shoulder, wrist, digits and elbow can flex into extreme negative angles unlike human counterparts and each of the digits in his right hand has an embedded flashlight and wide-spectrum camera. The cameras are neurally controlled and Frank can construct mental patterns to feed inputs of any of those cameras directly to either an external output device (like out-of-body monitors and HUD-glasses) or to an internal chip that shuts down oculary nerves and replaces their signals with that from the camera transcoded into natural neural impulses. The brain only sees a sudden black blink as the neural chip switches inputs. The hand can also be removed and the cameras operated wirelessly for as long as the hand has battery power left (several hours normally since the digits each contain an individual power cell that powers the camera in that digit).


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