Groam is a huge feudal kingdom standing in the heart of Cresia. Just a little over half of all land-bound travel routes and goods moved on those routes connecting the north and south areas of Cresia go through Groam. Groam is a diverse and culturally mixed melting pot of nationalities and of races.

General Information

Population: circa 900.00 (85% human, 10% elven, 3% dwarven, 2% others)

Government: ruled by a High King, power is further divided into 16 counties – each ruled by a count.

Current ruler: High King El’yam Theodore Carissus, an elven aristocrat residing in the capitol city Murto.

Religion: Freedom of religion guaranteed by the so called Arias Lus – one of 16 written laws that were created when Groam was first established 900 years earlier. As the population base is quite heterogenic, many religions are openly embraced in the country.

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