Dominique Atel


Name: Dominique Atel
Race: Human
Location: Udynaesses, Groam

As a pathmage of some reputation, Groam has been a good source of income for Dominique. She has helped countless caravans and small groups in finding their way out of troubled locations or alternately into troubled locations they wish to enter. Dominique settled to Udynaesses a long time ago after a very lucrative job of helping a wealthy, but somewhat mysterious, extended family of some 20 persons to safety away from Udynaesses’ poverty, decadence, violence and corruption. Dominique herself did not flee the city but decided to stay instead.

Since moving to Udynaesses some 20 years earlier, Dominique has specialized in creating and selling all sorts of magical wardings. Her repertoire includes warding stones, warding crystals, warding jewelry and warding clothing items. She is not actively selling her stuff, but instead has a small network of known associates who refer seekers of said items to her. She is also not doing it for the money any more – she has plenty of that to go around already. That fact also gives her justification to refuse certain clients or requests of wardings with a possibly malevolent intent and some other tasks pathmages are sometimes requested to do. Dominique lives in the north side of the city’s centre in a spacious villa abandoned by her former clients. She has further fortified the villa. The villa has about 20 or so residents most of which work for Dominique either as helping hands or apprentices.

Dominique’s warding stones are very popular due to their reliability among certain groups. Local guides, mercenary bands, hunters and such – even the feared crime lord Mercheval Dufien – buy the bulk of Dominique’s warding stones. Stories abound that Dominique’s warding stones against, for example wild animals, work easily a fortnight even if used every night to protect a camping site.

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