Dragons in Cresia are very rare. But far from nonexistent. They have long since learned to keep away from the lesser sentient races like humans and have adopted a policy of seclusion. The dragons have centuries ago withdrawn to remote areas where they can be at peace. Not that they couldn’t handle the lesser races – they just don’t need the extra excitement brought on by them.

Cresia has a dragon population of no less than 100 dragons. Most of them live in small groups of few individuals and they have huge territories spanning entire mountain ranges as hunting areas. Cresian dragons are highly intelligent and justly consider themselves superior to hominid creatures. Most of them hold within their heads vast libraries of legends, sagas, talltales and actual historical detail spanning thousands of years. Their memory is so superior that they have not developed – or have non need to develop – written language.

This red dragon lives in the extremely hard to get mountainous regions between Caheb and Akron. She is a mother of five and – soon – six. Her children all live in the same area as does their father as well. This family unit has had no contact with humans for many years and their last contact – a group of lost bandits – ended as snacks for the family.

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