Malik Al’Wathar



Name: Malik Al’Wathar
Race: Human
Location: Calishem

Once a simple guardsman for the City of Callistra, Malik has quickly risen through the rank and file to first an honorary guard for the Calishem family and recently to a special unit called The Desert Shadows. The unit comprises of 30 distinguished warriors of proven Calishem descendance and they can only be commanded by members of the royal Calishem family. The Desert Shadows are a sort of honorary guard unit but their fields of responsibilities entail much more than simple guard duty. Most Desert Shadows are permanently attached to provide security to certain members of the Calishem family – with or without their knowledge. Malik has not been associated with any particular family member yet. Instead his main responsibility for now is organising protection and safety for the Calishem treasures around the country. He has free access to most treasure chambers all over the land and he has the authority to order and command local captains to give warriors for any tasks he dare ask.

Malik is a person of thoughful calmness. He never loses his marbles and has the patience of a lion. These attributes were the ones that awarded him the attention he has gotten from the royal family. He is in good terms with pretty much everyone he has ever known and apparently has no enemies at all – living enemies, that is. Malik has become friends with a few of the members of the Calishem family including one of the princesses, Khalida Calishem, with whom he has been on many missions under her command. Malik has great respect for Khalida and most obviously is also quite fond of her. It’s uncertain whether Khalida has noticed this affection or whether she has similar feelings. In Calishem, there are no strict codes of behavior to follow regarding socialising between members of different social backgrounds.

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