2010-10-25Name: Zane
Race: Human
Location: Udynaesses, Groam

Zane works for Jaime Castillo‘s bodyguard/protection agency operation that is situated in Udynaesses. Earlier on Zane was involved in piracy under Jaime Castillo. When Jaime switched to land-based operations, Zane was eager to follow and is currently Jaime’s de facto right hand. While not exactly equal partners, Zane still enjoys the same respect as his boss does – and some respect him even more because of his ruthlessness and determination when a job needs finishing.

Zane does a lot of operational preparations and actual operational work. Even in simple cases he plans several alternative scenarios. This in turn is extremely valuable for the kind of operations that Jaime Castillo‘s crew of protection agency is involved in. He carefully plans reserve actions and sometimes he even personally times out minimum, maximum and expected timings some jobs or parts thereof are going to take up. This level of planning and detailing has often saved lives and equally often landed a hefty bonus for the crew from their clients who don’t expect to get out of situations going sour.

His personal life is stoic and his ambitions are not revolving around money. He gains satisfaction from out thinking his opponents and he aims to become even better and better in strategic thinking and tactical shrewdness. This is not to say that he tries to con his way out of a fight – because he wouldn’t. Sometimes hand-to-hand combat is essential for plans to come in fruition and sometimes strategically “losing” is also desired. It takes a big man to loose a combat in purpose, but if it’s part of a complex plan, eventually Zane will make sure his opposition knows that it was done on purpose. He is highly skilled with 2-handed knife-fighting and will not hesitate to slit a throat in a heartbeat if need be. In combat he will always go for killing strikes against only wounding enemies unless the situation is part of a plan. It’s also not uncommon for Zane to fight with his hands only and in fact he is very proficient with a potent brutal kicking technique that focuses on killing kicks on the head and neck. This technique was taught to him by other pirates and it’s based on the fact that close-combat fighting in ships relies on grappling ropes and reelings in order to maintain balance on rocking ships and thus the hands are usually occupied unless one wishes to face the ice cold hugging of the deep ocean.

Zane lives in the same villa Jaime Castillo does and while there, he serves as the between-man between strangers wishing to meet with Jaime and the man himself. He filters out propositions that he knows will not fit into what Jaime wants to do with his operation and he keeps tabs and records on every project they are involved in.

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