Menar Thuyven


Name: Menar Thuyven
Race: human
Location: Groam

Menar Thuyven comes from the borderlands area between the lands of Groam and Caheb. The area is mostly savage, lawless and sparsely populated, but holds fabulous riches where the sand dunes start to give away for the towering mountains between Caheb and Akron. The old lands of the ancient Groam are rich with unexplored ruins and many forgotten cities have been buried beneath the ever-moving and omnipresent sand.

Menar was born in a small village named Tyrros – nowadays an important way-point for desert crossing caravans. At a young age of 14 Menar left the village bored of it’s isolation and size. In the heat of this youth he joined a small band of bandits who robbed wayfarers. Few years later he realized the life of a petty criminal is not what he wants and separated from the group. He then joined a local count’s mercenary army to fight off ogres and secure trade transports crossing the mountains between Akron and Groam using the Medon Pass. During this time he truly noticed the rich ruins of the ancient past and become obsessed with finding a treasure that would secure him for life.

Now at an age of 36, Menar is an experienced adventurer and has a deep knowledge of the geography of northern Caheb and southern Groam in regards to ancient ruins. He has found many ruins and expensive treasures but so far nothing has been “enough” for him. Perhaps nothing ever is.

He spends a few months each year with his family in Tyrros and occasionally accompanies treasure hunters heading off to the desert looking ancient temples, castles or abandoned dragon hoards. Most such daring adventurers vanish without a trace but hiring someone like Menar improves the odds of returning back many fold!


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