Maximillian Castillo



Name: Maximillian Castillo
Race: Human
Location: Udynaesses, Groam

Max is a brother to Jaime Castillo, who runs a protection agency in Udynaesses, Groam. Max and Jaime shared a ship in the old days and Max was the first mate whilst Jaime helmed the vessel as a pirate captain (him being the elder of the two). When Jaime ditched the life on the high seas and established his land-based operation, Max declined both his brother’s ideas: that Max would either take command of the ship or that Max would become Jaime’s full partner. Instead Max went into a personal adventuring mode and spent years travelling around doing odd jobs as a sword-for-hire. As a pirate he had amassed quite a hefty bag of gold so he needed not worry about income whilst travelling. Still he did accept the odd job just out of curiosity or because he had made drunken promises, lost bets or because he just wanted to help someone who had provided food or shelter for him with no questions asked.

Now Maximillian is back in Udynaesses with his brother and is partly employed by Jaime’s outfit and partly unemployed. He is without a doubt one of the most experienced men Jaime can rely on. Not only because Maximillian has tremendous combat skills, but also because he speaks several languages he has picked up whilst travelling and is also knowledgeable about different cultures, customs and habits. And to top that, Max has also mastered interesting, useful and highly sought after skills in carpentry, horsemanship, tracking and blacksmithing. Sure, he is no master artisan, but he has more than basic understanding in each.

Unfortunately Max has some serious disadvantages that make him unsuited for many operations. He has great animosity towards gnomes, halflings and dwarves. Even to the degree that he is known to have sabotaged his own job just to cause harm to a dwarven client Jaime and him were helping out. He is also prone to heavy and excessive drinking binges that render him absolutely useless for any job. While drunk, Max doesn’t get violent or abusive as such, but he becomes extremely loud, impatient and exceedingly unfocused. When confronted, he always promises sobriety for a specific mission or an upcoming job, but half the time he either shows up already unfit for duty or if sober, at a whim he may just simply stop and forget whatever he is doing and get wasted at any available joint good enough to serve a drink. Jaime is very careful when using Max because he knows his own brother is a risk and a liability that needs constant management. Whenever there’s a “suitable mission”, Jaime makes sure Max is not left unattended. Usually Jaime puts Zane in charge of Max, but sometimes he himself takes the “babysit shift”.

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