Locations and Miscellaneous



2019-12-06 Wywold Sanctum, Renvar Point, Akron. A lonely place of quiet solitude and meditation by the sea.
An illustration of a creepy crypt. 2019-11-28
 2015-08-09 castle roskov Castle Roskov is the seat of power in the country of Zarnova. The castle is located in a remote and desolate unusually dense forest located some kilometers north of Wila which is the capital city of Zarnova. Castle Roskov is shunned by locals as it is known to be a center of undead activity.
Village of Tyrros is located near the border region of Caheb and Groam just at the edge of the vast Kiloui desert spanning thousands of kilometers South, South-East and South-West from the village. The village is frequented by merchant convoys and other parties wishing to enter the desert and needing one last stop to stock up and rest before the journey.  2015-08-26 tyrus
 Cresia continent map The main map of the continent of Cresia in which the characters and locations on this collation page are based. Cresia is but one of the continents on the planet and would consume roughly one fourth of the sphere if projected on the sphere’s surface. Cresia is situated on the northern hemisphere of the planet.

A continent map of Cresia showing also the countries of the continent. The actual map here is 1754×1240 pixels in size (some 60% of the original).

The Kingdom of Akron is a former procinve of it’s western neighbor, the Kingdom of Groam. Akron separated from Groam some 300 years ago during a tumultuous time in Groam’s history and following a short war it became an independent nation. Mayhill has been the capital city of the kingdom since the beginning and it prior to that it was a provincial center overseeing the eastern borders of Groam. With a history spanning 700 years, Mayhill is one of the oldest still living and beating population centers of the area.  mayhill-finished_full


 2015-04-26 skeleton copy  Cresia is ancient. The lands are dotted with abandoned cities, castles, ruins and temples. And corpses of those who didn’t make it back home. Some of them are loaded with forgotten untold riches that are only hinted about in tall tales and legends. Seekers of fame and fortune are bound to look for them but not many have the fortitude to withstand not only the search itself but also the dangerous traps and guardians the sites have.
An entrance to a forgotten castle. The deep and moist jungles of Groam contain a vast array of abandoned locations. The jungles have been known to have contained lost civilizations for hundreds of years before the nation of Groam was even born and most of the jungles are still totally unexplored – only nominally belonging to Groam. Groam’s biggest and thickest jungle is north of the huge Lake G’Heb, but locations just as this can be found also on the coasts of Dhaira Bay and southern coasts of Mare Nicasos – even extending to the Wolfooge islands. 2008-10-11
 2008-10-11Character Portrait Illustrations Aldamar is but one of the many deities who affect the lives of people in Cresia and beyond. Aldamar has a wide base of believers drawing most support from the common folk. The deity is well known in about half of the countries in Cresia but loathed in the dark land of Zarovna and pretty much ignored in the savage wastes of Horna. The deity can bestow powerful – albeit peaceful – abilities on his servants. Aldamar is widely regarded as a benevolent deity. Here is pictured a common design pattern in a shield’s crest.