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Old School AD&D -style Fantasy Illustrations

A sampling of old school black & white, grey scale and low color illustrations for fantasy -themed settings.


Graphic Resources: Spacers, Dividers and Separators

Graphics that I’ve created to be used as page layout elements for designers writing fantasy -themed role-playing game scenarios or adventures. Transparency -enabled PNG files when appropriate for page layouts with background coloring other than white.



Here is a collection of my fantasy character illustrations. Most are character illustrations that I’ve designed to fit my own fantasy -themed world setting Cresia that I’ve slowly extended and developed over the years.

Kembo Ree is an adventurous rogue today running the operations of the shadowy organization of Sombra in the city of Port Magalie in Witchlight Strand. There are no longer any rivaling thieve’s guilds and Sombra has all but succumbed even the quite powerful piracy groups omnipresent in any port city of the Thargor Bay. Having a dedicated group of 6 thieves and rogues at his disposal in Port Magalie, Kembo Ree has managed to kick start several succesful operations siphoning funds and property from merchants and the unsuspecting wealthy nobles of the city.  2017-03-18

Cymba Rubens, a rogue and an assassin of the infamous and shadowy organization called Sombra that orchestrate all sorts of shady activities. Some call them a guild of thieves but their scope is much grander than that. Cymba is an accomplished rogue and a thief who knows how to move without a sound, how to blend in with the shadows and how to kill silently.

Count Julius Amergon, the leader of the Avontir county and a landed knight. Count Amergon is a relaxed and flexible person with a very receptive ear and a rather gentle nature. He is a competent swordsman and generally a truly hands-on guy even lending his hand to commoners in need of assistance. Seen as a fair and just ruler by pretty much everyone.  2013-05-26
2008-10-13 Benjamin of Jodhe is a travelling cleric of Aldamar (the wise and benevolent deity of righteousness, common sense and justice). Benjamin is always on the move; rarely staying more than a week in one spot unless particularly needed. He owns nothing but the items he carries with him and he eats and drinks what people with kind hearts offer him.Benjamin is a thoughtful man, careful in the use of his voice and humble in his manner. His wisdom is a combination of experience, emotionally detached logic and applied common sense that are all based on the knowledge of the law of the lands and on the perception of right and wrong.
Ever been to Gruenroth? No? Well it’s mostly deep, impenetrable and savage ancient forests dotted with marshlands, hills, isolated small villages and all this surrounded by regal mountain ranges. It’s pretty understandable then that travelling through the region is not the average man’s dream job. Baerje av Gruenroth is – however – not your average man. Standing at a hulking 7 feet his massive height is only paralleled by his 170 kilograms of weight. However, Baerje is known among the Gruenroth people as the travelling gentle giant. He lives his life on a seemingly endless quest of travelling and collecting folklore, tales, poems and songs of the common people.  2008-09-13
 2013-06-04 Count Uran Ronvar is the leader of Gorgehold county. He is the head of Clan Ronvar; a prominent and powerful dwarven clan mainly influential in the Kingdom of Akron. He directs his clan with stern determination and iron – albeit fair – rule. Not many have the stomach to counter him and most other clans have succumbed to Clan Ronvar’s rule. But on the upside, the county is now wealthy and peaceful and it’s citizens have never experienced this much prosperity in their history.
The wild mountainous regions between Akron, Caheb and Groam are home to a wide variety of species. Many of which are brutish, violent and inherently dangerous and so the regions have never been claimed by any neighboring “civilized” country. Hargar Ber Marono leads a tribe of 80 semi-nomadic hill ogres keen to attack any travellers foolish enough to enter their immediate vicinity.  2014-03-25
 2015-09-11 Liff Qapar is a desert guide living in a small oasis village of Tyrros in the border regions of Groam and Caheb. She is an expert naturalist with a cunning ability to communicate and control animals. Liff isn’t a very sociable person, though, preferring to spend her time with other species rather than her own. But if you need a guide through the desert (and most likely you do need one if intending to go there!), cough up whatever her rate is because she might just be the one silver thread keeping you alive in the hostile desert.
Isant Gassta runs a cartography shop in the small village of Tyrros. His shop – Gassta’s Map Emporeum – is the one to go to if you ever need to know where to find the precious oases of the Kiloui Desert. And if you have any sense at all … that information is way beyond more precious than gold. Isant is a former Master Cartographer of the famous Calishem Guild of Cartographers and one of the foremost cartographers in Groam and Caheb.  2016-02-27
 2009-08-16 calishem princess Calishem is one of the more civilized and prosperous countries in the continent. It’s still being ruled by the Calishem family after hundreds of years of it’s inception. Khalida Calishem is one of three princesses of the current ruler and the only one who in her youth has showed any interest to go beyond the luxurious palace rooms and it’s gorgeous courtyards. Khalida is now known as the warrior princess among the people of the land and her choices breaking the traditional role of princesses is widely accepted and welcomed by nobility and commoners alike. Perhaps she accumulates enough wisdom and perspective in her travels to be of use when her father’s time is up and the crown goes up for grabs.
The undead menace originating from Zarnova is growing more alarming month by month. In response to this growing threat, a group of hardy and stout warriors was put together and funded by a joint agency between the kingdoms of Gruenroth and Groam. This unit which goes by the name of The Emerald Unit, is lead by one Sir Welyk Paize who has a long and colourful military history behind him.  2015-08-22
 2015-08-24 The merchant ship Raimelho operates from the port city of Cuervo Garrac in Ferria. Such ships always require a crew able to withstand the dangers of open sea travel. Barracus Inctal is a boatswain responsible for the cargo hold, unloading and loading operations in ports and how different cargo must be fastened to remain still at sea. Barracus takes his job quite seriously and has the final say in matters considering the cargo hold.
Dano Tavelo is a wizard and a regular passenger of the merchant ship Raimelho based in the port city of Cuervo Garrac in Ferria. Not a sailor but an adventurer he has found it mutually beneficial to travel by sea in exchange of his magical abilities to aid the ship and her crew while at sea. Dano travels to exotic port cities he has not yet seen or has not seen enough. An open-minded and outgoing person he is also a prankster of some fame even though his pranks are never malign or demeaning in nature.  2015-08-05
 2015-08-03 (Almost) every country needs a ruler. King Werner Baerwyn is the one leading the mighty and vast kingdom of Gruenroth taking up almost half of the northern areas of the continent of Cresia. Werner is a competent combatant and frankly someone trying to rule over the rivalling warlords of Gruenroth needs to be at least that. He is also politically skilled enough to keep the country both in one piece and relatively peaceful.
Protecting persons and things as a profession has a long history. Zane is a professional bodyguard working in the city of Udynaesses in Groam for the protection business named Castillo’s Claw. His skill set includes so much more than brute strength and speed and his intelligent preparations has prevented many a catastrophe from taking place. He is a stoic man who doesn’t have much respect for the creature comforts or wealth. His kicks come from outsmarting his opposition and if the situation warrants it, even taking them out. He is exceptionally lethal with bare hands (and feet!) and can take out armed bigger guys with swift punches and brutal kicks.  2010-10-25
 2009-10-21 Jaime Castillo runs a protection and bodyguard business – Castillo’s Claw – in the city of Udynaesses in Groam. As an ex-pirate he is familiar with how cheap life can be … or indeed how valuable if the person fearing death or worse is willing to pay for protection. Most of his business’ clients are local merchants, nobles or clergy starting to get fed up with still rampant crime lords running parts of the city and surrounding countryside. Udynaesses has a long history of crime and violence and while the city is now officially under the flag of the Kingdom of Groam, the long tradition of lawlessness is really hard to eviscerate.
 Count Cory Cormagh leads the county of Inhal Org situated in the south-western corner of the Kingdom of Akron. Cormagh is a fearsome warrior with a huge stature he wears with self-conscious composure. He loathes delegating things and as such meddles with nearly all aspects of his county leaving little time for anything else. He is widely thought of as a wise old man and his rule is considered just and fair. However, while capital city Cormael bathes in prosperous sunshine, dark clouds deepen the shadows in the south with groups of smugglers, bandits and even pirates roaming about and causing havoc.  2014-12-20
 2012-05-21  The Cult of the Black Flame is an infamous organization of occultists and sorcerers that form an esoteric web of mystery spanning everywhere except the country of Myrna. Baron Samael Ivorin is a known member of the cult and a prominent figure in the country of Zarnova. He is also the supreme commander of the royal guard of Zarnova situated in the capital city Wila. While a powerful sorcerer, he still has not yet attained a counselor’s seat in The Roskov Ring who govern the country.
The savage borderlands of Caheb and Groam are mostly uninhabited and dangerous but hold fabulous riches where the sand dunes start to give away for the towering mountains between Caheb and Akron. The area is rich with buried cities and unexplored ruins of old cultures long gone and forgotten. Menar Thuyven is an obsessed explorer adventuring from ruin to ruin seeking untold riches. He also hires his sword to mercenary bands trying to secure caravans free passage between Akron and Groam through the dangers of mountain passes. Menar Thuyven
 2006-09-10  A wealthy merchant from a prominent merchant family, Berthold Wor has nonetheless embraced a life of adventuring. While he would have the means to live surrounded by wealth and luxury, Berthold seems to have adopted a life of willful poverty. Or so one would assume meeting him travelling seemingly aimless from city to city and village to village seeking wrongs to right. In truth his poverty is merely a facade and his aimless travelling is quite far from being aimless.
The chief of Princess Leana Baerwyn’s personal body guards, Temur Soxion is a legendary fighter known through the entire country of Gruenroth. The country lives – officially – a long-lasting time of peace but somehow Temur has been able to participate in violent conflicts all over the country for decades! From repelling the undead threat in the east to subduing rebellious warlords in the centre basin all the way to uncovering murder plots to assassinate the king himself. His current duties protecting Lady Leana – the king’s eldest daughter – takes him wherever Lady Leana goes.  2014-01-26_02
 2015-05-17 Yes. This is Jandro Faebianus himself! The famous explorer who found the legendary  lost city of Andar that held a special place in the hearts of all explorers. He never revealed the true location of the city to anyone else but brought back a bunch of tremendous artefacts that proved his findings. His passion lies in finding the long lost clues to buried cities and abandoned castles and not just blindly looting them empty.
Every tavern needs skilled work force to stay in business. Waitresses are an important and visible part of every inn and tavern in the entire continent. Milja Markovec works as one in the famous tavern The Wyvern’s Nest located in the bustling port city of Port Magalie in Witchlight Strand. She is a valuable source of information since many people seem to find it easy to confide in her; share her their dreams and secrets and shames. Milja certainly is easy to be around and happily engages in conversations with the patrons. She practically lives in the place and many a time can be found there while off duty – singing a rowdy tune or even reciting poetry.  2010-11-13
 2013-06-24 The Roskov Ring – the rulers of Zarnova – is made of creatures best avoided by normal men to avoid loss of life or sanity. What exactly is Baron Benedikt Zolov, is anybody’s guess. Zolov rules the once bustling trade town of Zolov located high up in the mountains between Zarnova and Gruenroth and has turned the place to a doomed ruin shunned by mortals and roamed by creatures of nightmares.
Magical abilities can be in the “genes” of some individuals in Cresia. Perhaps they are born under special circumstance or perhaps there is no other explaining factor than total randomness. In Ferria those who possess innate magical abilities are few and far between and most of them do not understand their powers and wilfully  even suppress them out in order to better fit in with Ferrian way of life. Thurn Eibor on the other hand is proud of his abilities and learned a wide array of magical talents from the best masters in Myrna – the fabled land of magic and wizardry.  2008-09-14
 2009-08-09 The Kingdom of Argan has seen it’s fair share of turmoil, decadence, war and corruption but has managed to survive and unite over and over again. While there’s no doubt that Eigor Argan can draw direct bloodline to the first kings of the land, that makes no difference in the present day where he is merely one man with an axe. The good people of Argan don’t give a rat’s ass about bloodlines and don’t judge other’s based on what their fathers did but instead value a motto “A man forges his own destiny”.
The elven community in Witchlight Strand is strong and coherent with a distinct sense of togetherness. But they also possess a lukewarm attitude towards non-elves in general. Merenes Anfala is a contradiction to this in that she has traveled the world enough to understanding that differences in appearance and customs may not be something to automatically fear for but instead can be an enriching experience. Merenes comes from a predominantly elven city of Jaston in Witchlight Strand but her passion for the “Game of the Kings” (chess) has taken her to tours to all the neighboring lands and cultures. Excepting Zarovna, of course.  2009-03-08 elven sorceress
 2007-10-07 In the city of Port Magalie, the safest bet to find a caravan guide is to go to the Wyvern’s Nest – the biggest inn located just in the heart of the city. Except if it happens to be Tuesday because then you can’t find your own arse through the singing crowds. Zora Shaalvaina is but one such guide one can hire and her services are frequently hired by the more experienced caravan operators seeking safe passage to Gruenroth. Oh, and don’t let her timid and petite looks and lithe constitution fool you. Still if you need a combatant, she should not be your first choice. However, if you value wilderness survival talents and a wide array of spoken languages, she comes highly recommended.
The undead pestilence spreads from the Kingdom of Zarnova. The land has not seen peaceful times for a long time but the current turmoil is unprecedented in that Zarnova has gradually become a threat to each and every neighboring country. Even the Witch Queen of Nica is concerned at what’s happening in Zarnova. Presumably orchestrating everything is The Roskov Ring (a council of high ranking lords) and presumably it’s controller, the Vampire Queen Anya Voorish. Lady Voorish seized power from the Lich Lord Tomas Vladovych some 80 years ago but deliberately remained confined within Zarnova so as not to provoke a military response then. Now that she has had plenty of time to grow her influence (and her army of undead!), interrupting her devious plans may already be too late.  2013-06-25
 2010-10-09 The lands of Cresia are teeming with interest groups of all things. The more sinister organizations are various cults, sects and even some guilds. In the Khanate of Caheb, a few particularly powerful and nasty cults have arisen in response to the strictness and rigid system of the country itself as cults find it easy to gain power utilizing the unhappiness of common folks. Chya is the high priestess of the so called Dhaira Bay Cult (also known simply as The Dhaira Cult) which has began to grow a big enough nuisance to gather attention all around Caheb. The sinister cult’s motivations and beliefs are largely unknown.
The deserts of Calishem and Caheb hold many secrets … and dangers beyond description. The good citizens of a small city – Ada Ruwak – located on a particularly hostile region of the desert in northern Calishem know this especially well. The city is assaulted by mystical beasts of unknown origin on a regular basis while the rough desert conditions make pretty much every day a struggle to survive. The city’s current ruler Afra Kartumal is one of the reasons the city has not succumbed to these overwhelming difficulties as he apparently has an ability to predict many of the dangers the city faces and keep the citizens alert.  2016-06-04
 2010-07-03 Bloodspires. That’s the name of a blotch of mountainous wilderness mostly in the North-East corner of Witchlight Strand but stretching to Gruenroth and Groam as well. Now mostly devoid of human presence, the area is dominated by orc clans, ogre tribes and kobold and goblin hordes. Leading the most powerful orc clan – Clan of Grom – is Chieftain Grom, a 3rd generation orc chieftain. Grom is quite exceptional among his kind and is aiming toward unifying the orc clans under his leadership.
A kid brother to Jaime Castillo, Maximillian Castillo works for his protection agency Castillo’s Claw in the wild and lawless city of Udynaesses in Groam. Maximillian doesn’t, however, operate on the same level as his brother and couldn’t really manage things for a day if left unattended. Max has a history as a pirate (again working under his brother) and through that has gained a skill set suitable for protection operations. But his life priorities are not as set as his brother’s are and he is prone to periods of uncontrolled drinking, depression and guilt trips launched by his own behavior. While doing actual work, he is mostly under some kind of supervision (babysitting!) by his brother or his brother’s right-hand man, Zane.  2010-12-19
 2010-01-10 Mercenary groups in Cresia are mostly just loose small crews of few guys hiring their services. But not all of them. Some consist of several dozens of men and are small armies in themselves. Lucius Valonia is a former general and currently an operational leader running paramilitary operations for the mercenaries based at Warder Keep in Akron. Valonia’s men are commonly seen protecting dignitaries, valuable shipments and such but on regular basis they are also sent out to hunt and break various outlaw groups.
The lands of the Kingdom of Gruenroth is ruled by various warlords, tribal chieftains and self-appointed earls and has no actual hierarchy of power such as is in place in many neighboring lands.Only common denominator is that these rulers acknowledge the king’s supremacy over them. Ludwig Morton calls himself the Lord of Thrubmorton Fens, but the swampy, forested area known as Thrubmorton Fens is in actuality quite much larger than what Ludwig can comfortably control. But who’s there to contest him anyway? Ludwig is also widely known throughout the continent as The Crimson Knight because of his unique red armor said to be infused with magical properties derived from an actual dragon.  2009-02-01
 2016-04-30_2 All the castles and cities and outposts and keeps and towns need dedicated men and women to keep them safe. Guardians are sometimes just lazy soldiers watching over the parapets into the horizon, sometimes they are the brave souls that keep evil nightmare creatures away from civilized lands and sometimes they can be more like policemen involved in solving and preventing criminal activity in bustling trade towns. Eliel Jasto is a proud city guard in Akron’s capital city Mayhill and represents a step up from the ordinary common guardsman. After all, the safety of the king, his castle and the entire city is dependent upon how he and other men like him perform. No matter rain or shine, hot or cold, guardians are there to protect.
The Desert Shadows.  That is the name of a special group of highly trained and distinguished soldiers of proven Calishemian descendance that are responsible for the security of the Calishem royal family members. Calishem royal family members are well known for their acts of whim and impulsive behaviour and to guard these people is not just a job – it’s a calling. Members of the unit pretty much have to abandon their previous life but they are naturally well compensated for their services to the royal family and many who retire from the unit never need to worry about finances again. Malik Al’Wathar is a member of the famed and often envied unit and his responsibility is the security of Lady Khalida Calishem – one of the royal princesses. Where ever one sees Khalida, Malik is surely somewhere there as well … you just don’t necessarily see him. Unless you plan something against the princess and then he just might be the last person you will ever see.  2010-10-31
 2014-01-30 Princess Leana Baerwyn is the successor to throne in the Kingdom of Gruenroth much to the dismay of her two younger sisters. Princess Leana lacks social etiquette and tact usually associated with her rank but excels in survival skills and knowledge of how the world works. Who knows which set of skills is more important in the future?
The Autocracy of Nica has a long tradition of independence and the country can trace it’s history all the way back to the fabled Theocracy of Phylar. Since it’s inception in the 3rd century the country has been led by a witch or a warlock and the current Witch Queen Larissa has a strong lineage connecting her blood directly to the legendary warlock Nica whose actions formed the country and “liberated” it from the remnants of the weakened and troubled Theocracy of Phylar in the 3rd century. It marked the end of the theocracy and soon after it finally collapsed.  2011-10-02
 2016-04-24 Some men measure success by the height of their treasure hoard. Others define success as following their dreams and hearts and if some wealth tags along, that’s a great bonus. After all, what good is a pile of gold if you never have time to spend it? Hart Miklos followed his dream to become a treasure hunter. But his life choices and priorities have made it so that whatever he manages to find, he also manages to spend. Oh well. There are plenty of treasures still to be found in the deserts and jungles of Groam and Hart can’t wait to be part of a group in search of some.
The city of Udynaesses in Groam is a sad example of a city fallen out of the grace of the benevolent gods. Once a beautiful and bustling capital city of the Theocracy of Caheb, things changed 90 years ago when a deadly plague swept across the southern Groam, Caheb and Khemal. Udynaesses was exceptionally badly hit by the disease and in the following turmoil was subsequently violently invaded and annexed by Groam 80 years ago. But Groam was not able to control it properly and the struggling city gradually fell into a lawless shadow of it’s former glory. Today it’s de facto ruler is a violent and greedy crime lord Marcheval Dufien stepping up from common petty crimes to the big league and backed up various shadowy groups each with their own hidden agendas.  2016-08-13
 2016-08-16 It’s often a sign of true competence and wisdom to understand that there are always new things to learn and improve. For example training for combat is never “complete”. No one can master any field to the fullest extent and accepting this is the only way to become better. These are just some philosophical ideas presented by Eril Halgor Mundrek, commander and senior combat trainer at the legendary Fortress Egarmar. The fortress has a long and proud history of offering the best combat training in Cresia. Halgor is also the Eril of Pallor and thus rules one of the 17 earldoms of the Kingdom of  Crovania.
Artor Cambori leads a mercenary group named The Warders. The lands of Cresia has an ample supply of men and women ready to raise their swords and axes should they get paid for it and the ones that like that a bit too much probably end up dead, imprisoned or as mercenaries. Cambori’s group consists of 18 core members and 29 affiliates forming a reasonably well trained and equipped small army of their own. The group is one of the biggest mercenary groups and certainly the most organized and stable. Cambori takes on missions that do not directly irritate the kings of Akron or Groam and that have a moral or ethical justification. They do not come cheap but they do have a tendency to succeed.  2008-10-17
 2012-02-09 Adventuring parties everywhere have a great need to stay alive in the wilderness while  traveling from encounter to another. It becomes so much easier – staying alive, that is – when the party has access to enchanted items specifically meant to ease tasks such as getting illumination, starting a cooking fire and staying dry in damp conditions. There are enchantresses who provide such items on request or even sell them from the shelves of their shoppes directly. Miranda Lef runs such a business in the city of Port Magalie in Witchlight Strand.


 2015-08-09 castle roskov Castle Roskov is the seat of power in the country of Zarnova. The castle is located in a remote and desolate unusually dense forest located some kilometers north of Wila which is the capital city of Zarnova. Castle Roskov is shunned by locals as it is known to be a center of undead activity.
Village of Tyrros is located near the border region of Caheb and Groam just at the edge of the vast Kiloui desert spanning thousands of kilometers South, South-East and South-West from the village. The village is frequented by merchant convoys and other parties wishing to enter the desert and needing one last stop to stock up and rest before the journey.  2015-08-26 tyrus
 Cresia continent map

The main map of the continent of Cresia in which the characters and locations on this collation page are based. Cresia is but one of the continents on the planet and would consume roughly one fourth of the sphere if projected on the sphere’s surface. Cresia is situated on the northern hemisphere of the planet.

A continent map of Cresia showing also the countries of the continent. The actual map here is 1754×1240 pixels in size (some 60% of the original).

The Kingdom of Akron is a former procinve of it’s western neighbor, the Kingdom of Groam. Akron separated from Groam some 300 years ago during a tumultuous time in Groam’s history and following a short war it became an independent nation. Mayhill has been the capital city of the kingdom since the beginning and it prior to that it was a provincial center overseeing the eastern borders of Groam. With a history spanning 700 years, Mayhill is one of the oldest still living and beating population centers of the area.  mayhill-finished_full


 2015-04-26 skeleton copy  Cresia is ancient. The lands are dotted with abandoned cities, castles, ruins and temples. And corpses of those who didn’t make it back home. Some of them are loaded with forgotten untold riches that are only hinted about in tall tales and legends. Seekers of fame and fortune are bound to look for them but not many have the fortitude to withstand not only the search itself but also the dangerous traps and guardians the sites have.
An entrance to a forgotten castle. The deep and moist jungles of Groam contain a vast array of abandoned locations. The jungles have been known to have contained lost civilizations for hundreds of years before the nation of Groam was even born and most of the jungles are still totally unexplored – only nominally belonging to Groam. Groam’s biggest and thickest jungle is north of the huge Lake G’Heb, but locations just as this can be found also on the coasts of Dhaira Bay and southern coasts of Mare Nicasos – even extending to the Wolfooge islands. 2008-10-11
 2008-10-11 Aldamar is but one of the many deities who affect the lives of people in Cresia and beyond. Aldamar has a wide base of believers drawing most support from the common folk. The deity is well known in about half of the countries in Cresia but loathed in the dark land of Zarovna and pretty much ignored in the savage wastes of Horna. The deity can bestow powerful – albeit peaceful – abilities on his servants. Aldamar is widely regarded as a benevolent deity. Here is pictured a common design pattern in a shield’s crest.